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PKF Finconta covers the entire spectrum of audits of the financial statements prepared under both local and international accounting standards. The audits performed by PKF are in accordance with International Standards on Auditing as adopted by the Romanian Chamber of financial Auditors.

Our audits provide assurance on the conformity of the financial statements with the applicable reporting framework but also provide useful information to management regarding internal control issues, business risks and solutions to manage those risks as well as important insights that can help our clients address both present and future challenges.

PKF member firms are recognized and appreciated internationally, being associated with independent and robust audits to the highest standards. By adopting advanced international audit techniques and using the latest technology, we offer an efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive service to each client. The combination of our skills and industry expertise allows us to gain the trust of our business partners and provide advice that really adds value.

In brief, our objective is very simple: to be seen by our clients as the first point-of-contact for the financial audits, advisory and compliance needs. We achieve this by providing sensible advice and tailored solutions to help clients achieve their commercial and personal goals.

The services we offer:

  • Financial statements audit
  • Internal audit
  • Other assurance services
  • Audit for non-reimbursable EU funds projects.


The auditing activity at PKF Finconta runs according to the PKF International Audit Manual, which is fully compliant with International Auditing Standards, thus respecting the requirements demanded by the PKF International global network.

The team consists of certified professionals, members of Romanian Chamber of financial Auditors Romanian Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants Body and Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Consultants. As part of our strategy for long-term development, PKF requires auditors to obtain an international recognized professional qualification, such as ACCA (United Kingdom) to enhance their understanding of IFRS and ISA. Our professionals improve their skills through participation in firm designed learning and development programs, being required to comply with annual continuing professional education requirements mandated by the firm.

Ionut Serban - Manager Audit

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