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Bookkeeping and accounting advisory services

The records you will need to maintain are partly governed by legal and tax requirements, but most important they must be tailored to your particular business so as to generate the type of accounting and management information which is really useful to you in running your company.

Outsourcing accounting not only makes a cost saving, but also allows managers to save time and resources that can be redirected to strengthening the strategic area of the business. In addition, our competitive services bring comfort and safety to your business.

Furthermore, the IFRS financial statements prepared by PKF Finconta give a broader picture of the business of our clients and facilitate the process of obtaining new sources of finance and preparation of annual budgets and business plans.

If you choose PKF Finconta accounting services you will have the opportunity to benefit of professional services to the highest standards developed by a team composed exclusively of professionals.

PKF Finconta experts can assist you in connection with the set-up and organization of your own accounting department.

We offer the full range of accounting services:

  • Accounting services for companies
  • Accounting services for individuals authorized to conduct independent activities
  • Organization and supervision of accounting
  • Preparation or verification and certification of balance sheets
  • Providing specialized advice on complex accounting issues
  • Accounting experts report ordered by the judiciary or requested by individuals or legal entities, as provided by law
  • Accounting for merger and division projects
  • Accounting for structural funds
  • IFRS reporting and compilation of financial statements
  • Accounting advisory
  • Corporate reporting
  • Accounting for non-reimbursable EU funds projects.


The accounting department consists of experienced personnel, bachelors in Economics with specialization on International Accounting Standards and certified tax consultant, certified chartered accountants and certified auditors. Through its team of professionals, the accounting department will support your business activities and will help you identify in real time the potential tax risks.

Florentina Susnea - Managing Partner

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