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Turning your business dreams into a successful reality usually calls for additional finance. Acquisitions, mergers/spin offs, business development and cross-border expansion may all demand extra funds and require specialist advice from corporate finance teams with constant exposure to both local and global marketplace.

Most businesses today are looking to solve two key challenges - improving performance and reducing costs. This dual objective can deliver significant benefits and position your organization to emerge from the downturn with a stronger and more competitive profile. The experience gained by our team helps investors in any of these situations, regardless the transaction size or the players.

PKF Finconta thinks globally and delivers locally, which means that we handle small scale local acquisitions with the same dedication given to international transactions.
A company's size, complexity, industry, and stage of development, whether it's a startup or established business, involve specific responsibilities. Corporate finance includes two key functions: accounting and finance.

Finance professionals analyze revenue and expenses to ensure effective use of capital. Our experts advise businesses about project costs, make capital investments and structure deals to help companies grow. Also, our professionals offer ideas, experience, independence and commitment to enable your company to be in position to take advantage of the new environment.

We offer ongoing support for:

  • Due-diligence for companies’ acquisitions
  • Mergers and spin off projects
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Performance improvement
  • Advice on re-organizing and restructuring businesses, commercial and tax considerations and fundraising options.


The sealing of the deal is, in many ways, only the beginning. Once a transaction is completed, companies must re-focus their attention on the stated aims that brought about the deal in the first place. This is where our professional style of service can deliver most benefit. By building an ongoing working relationship with clients, our advisers can help you concentrate on long-term objectives, guiding you through the immediate post-transaction phases and beyond.

The local knowledge and experience on various business sectors enables our corporate finance professionals to meet the expectations of the financial community regardless of your industry or geographical location.

The accounting department consists of experienced personnel, bachelors in Economics with specialization on International Accounting Standards and certified tax consultant, certified chartered accountants and certified auditors. Through its team of professionals, the accounting department will support your business activities and will help you identify in real time the potential tax risks.

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