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Taxes are going through a process of continuous change. Tax awareness means to know the changes along time, the actual status of tax and the potential future changes. We understand that to achieve your potential as an organization you require services tailored to your specific issues, so we bring our experience and knowledge in a proactive and objective way.

PKF Finconta advises you both for correct understanding and application of current legislation and prepares your organization for future changes.

The provided services include:

  • Tax advisory services regarding direct and indirect taxation
  • Advisory for income tax on residents and non-residents
  • Advisory on withholding tax
  • Identification of all taxes applicable to your business
  • Assistance in the fulfillment of tax obligations
  • Identification of tax opportunities and their implementation
  • Fiscal Audit
  • Assistance during tax inspections made by authorities
  • Assistance for appeals against administrative decisions.


We have a dedicated team which offers promptly excellent quality services.

Our tax service team includes bachelors in Economics with specialization in financial accounting and tax advisory, members of Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Consultants, Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors and Romanian Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants Body. Many of the members of the tax team have an important experience gained working in the past for Tax Authorities. Continuous professional training of our staff provide current innovative ideas in a fluctuating business environment that is evolving rapidly and continuously.

Narcisa Chirila - Manager Consultanta Fiscala

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